13 Killed in Car Bombing Along Turkey-Syria Border

Three Turks, 10 Syrians Slain in Attack, 28 Wounded

13 people, including three Turkish citizens, were killed today when a car bombing attacked the border gate of Cilvegozu in the Hatay Province. 28 others were reported wounded in the attack.

Conspicuously absent is a claim of responsibility from any group, as the strike targeted a key supply point for many rebel groups, but was apparently carried out by some rebel group for some as-yet-unknown reason.

Syrian President Bashar Assad insisted that he would not allow such “plots” to undermine his continued rule, nearly two years into an increasingly ugly civil war. The rebels also announced that they have taken over the nation’s largest dam today, with the Islamist al-Nusra Front seen as the frontline fighters of that attack.

Despite the Assad government’s confidence, the rebels seem to have broad control over northwestern Syria now, with only the major city of Aleppo still contested. The rebel groups remain splintered, however, likely reflected in today’s bombing at the rebel-held crossing.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted that the bombing proved that his government had taken the right approach in the “situation in Syria,” in which they are openly backing regime change and allowing rebels free passage back and forth across the border.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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  • Ben_C

    So what happened today?

    Let's see:

    NATO announced it would not become 'involved' in Syria 'unless', of course, member state Turkey were attacked. According to NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen:

    "NATO cannot act as the world's policeman. We cannot travel from country to country to solve every conflict. It's simply not possible,"… "The essence of being a defense alliance is that we are here to ensure the territorial defense of our member states."


    Well…this is certainly a relief! I appreciate the sudden 'clarification' of NATO's role in the world…

    So…what else happened today?

    Oh…as it just so happens: a minibus allegedly traveling from Syria into Turkey from so-called "Syrian rebel" controlled territory was somehow conspicuously granted access into Turkey at a "boarder checkpoint" and allegedly blew-up approximately "40 meters" or so inside Turkey.

    Well…this is certainly a coincidence indeed…

    As Ditz 'reports': no so-called "Syrian rebels" have taken "responsibly" for the attack on Turkey as of yet. Really??? I can't imagine why not… Perhaps Ditz blames Assad for attacking Turkey the exact same day NATO announced it would not get involved in Syria 'unless' Turkey were 'attacked'?

    Didn't the IDF also recently mention "predictions" of 'future' 'boarder terror attacks' orchestrated by Assad? I can't vouch for this one, however, I think this so-called 'news' might be passing through the grapevine…

    Well Ditz, if the so-called "rebels" were doing so 'well', they wouldn't need NATO's help, now would they???