Israel Setting Stage for More Attacks on Syria

Former Military Spy Chief Details Possible Excuses

It’s been almost two weeks since Israel launched attacks on several targets inside Syria, with the Obama Administration later revealed to have not only “green-lit” the Israeli attack but to have authorized yet more attacks in the future.

Analysts, including top former Israeli officials, see this round of strikes as just the first stage of what will be an ever-escalating series of Israeli strikes against targets inside Syria, likely to get more aggressive as the civil war continues to worsen.

Former Israeli military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin says that he sees Israel likely to attack not only chemical weapons, but any anti-aircraft and anti-ship weapons that they see potentially crossing the border into Lebanon, while he and other analysts warn that such attacks risk further escalation, potentially bringing Israel into the war more directly.

The indications are that the US has endorsed any and all Israeli attacks on Syria in the future, with some reports that Israel has considered invading Syria outright to seize another 10 miles of “buffer zone,” as they did with the occupation of the Golan Heights.

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