Mutiny: Junta Faces More Turmoil Amid Clashes in Mali Capital

'Red Beret' Fighters Loyal to Ousted President Clash With Junta Forces

The Malian junta, which French invasion forces aim to install in control of the rest of the nation, is facing yet more problems today after a mutiny broke out among paratroopers in the capital city of Bamako.

Fighters loyal to President Amadou Toure, who was ousted by the junta last year, refused orders to deploy northward to fight the rebels and instead turned their guns on junta forces. The pro-Toure forces fought unsuccessfully against the coup but retained their positions in the military afterwards.

The clashes centered around a single military base in Bamako and lasted several hours. At least two people, both civilians, were killed, while a large but unspecified number of troops on both sides were wounded.

The fight reflects how little control the junta has even in what is nominally its home territory, and adds to concerns about how they will possibly be able to be installed as a government across the rebel-held north, which clearly doesn’t welcome them.

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