Khamenei Spurns Bilateral US Talks, Citing American Hostility

No Point in Diplomacy While US Sanctions, Threatens Iran, Supreme Leader Insists

Iran’s Supreme Leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has rejected Vice President Joe Biden’s offer for bilateral talks with the United States, saying there is “no value” to such talks so long as the US continues threatening to invade.

“You are pointing the gun at Iran and say either negotiate or we will shoot,” Khamenei said, adding later that “imposing, in your own words, crippling sanctions” does not show goodwill going into such talks.

Indeed, some US officials are openly talking about the sanctions as “economic war” against Iran, and only yesterday the administration unveiled yet another round, apparently a preface to the P5+1 talks coming later this month.

Of course, US officials announce new sanctions against Iran several times a month, but seem to save the big ones for the immediate lead up to any international talks, to be followed by reports of even more demands to be made against Iran, and after the talks inevitably fail, condemnations and a new round of threats.

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