Retired Israeli General Warns of Syria Escalation

Israeli Warplanes Sighted Over Lebanon on 'Practice' Runs

Retired Israeli general Giora Eiland, who also served as a National Security Adviser, is warning that he sees a danger of escalation in the wake of Wednesday’s Israeli attack on Syria.

He noted that Israel actually appears to have comparatively little intelligence about what is ongoing in Syria right now because of the civil war, and that it is possible the Assad regime might launch a “symbolic” missile in retaliation for the Israeli attack.

Eiland further warned that attacking what are in essence “defensive weapons,” referring to anti-aircraft SA-17 missiles reportedly targeted in the Israeli strike could risk worsening Israel’s relationship with Russia, and that Israel ought to be trying to negotiate with Russia on its role in the region instead of antagonizing them with further strikes.

The Israeli warplanes attacked Syria by way of neighboring Lebanon, and today Israeli warplanes were reportedly sighted across southern and eastern Lebanon, carrying out “mock raids” on the towns in the region.

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