Algeria Hostage Crisis Leaves US, UK Poised to Act

US to Do Anything to Ensure Safety of Hostages, Except Negotiate

US and British military officials are talking up the prospect of military action in the face of the Algerian hostage standoff, with Britain reporting that their special forces are on “standby” to intervene and the US vowing revenge.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta insisted the US would work tirelessly to pursue anyone linked to the attack, insisting there is “no justification” and that the US is completely disinterested in the motivation of the attackers. They also confirmed sending trainers.

The State Department has also issued a statement insisting that the US is working “around the clock” to ensure the safety of the hostages, and will do anything it takes, as long as that anything involves military action, because they won’t under any circumstances negotiate with the hostage-takers.

It is believed that 12 British hostages remain in the custody of the militants, while the US has insisted it doesn’t have any specific information on how many of its hostages may still be alive after yesterday’s Algerian military attack on them.

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