In Israel, Rand Paul Makes Case for ‘Gradual’ Aid Cuts

Concedes Cuts Unlikely in His Lifetime

Sen. Rand Paul (R – KY) has been open in his calls for cutting America’s massive foreign aid budget. As one of the many sacred cows in the US budget, this has earned him angry condemnations, but hasn’t ended the talk.

So with Paul in Israel, the novel idea that the US can’t keep increasing foreign aid to Israel forever is a subject of huge controversy, and has the senator backpedaling furiously to insist that “gradual” cuts could be discussed while conceding that he doesn’t believe any cuts at all will happen in his lifetime.

“It’s unlikely anything changes,” Paul insisted, “but I think it is worth discussing.” During talks with the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies, Paul focused on the importance of keeping the US financially solvent for Israel’s sake, saying the US would struggle to “defend Israel” if it is bankrupt.

Paul went on to say that the cuts in the foreign aid budget would start with “enemies of Israel” and that Israel itself would be among the last to face any serious cuts, saying those cuts could improve Israel’s ability to start huge wars without US permission.

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