Israel Announces Another 1,200 Settlement Houses in Gilo

Expansion Continues Despite International Condemnations

Israeli officials have continued with announcements of settlement expansions today, saying that the Jerusalem Distinct Zoning Commission has approved the expansion of the Gilo settlement, in the southern part of occupied East Jerusalem.

The expansion includes 1,200 new housing units in Gilo covering 66 acres in the area. The expansion had faced several objections, including from settlers already living in Gilo, but was ignored in the end.

As with most of the settlements in and around East Jerusalem, Israel insists that they are not really settlements, and claims to have annexed the territory. The annexation has not been internationally recognized and most of the world has condemned the continued construction.

Netanyahu has been keen to expand in Gilo, mentioning the settlement in recent speeches and insisting that Israel’s “right” to expand such settlements is vital to its continued survival.

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