Syrian Rebels Claim Army Base Near Daraa, Seize Tanks

As Fighting Near Capital, Control of More Towns Disputed

Syrian rebels are claiming to have captured another military base today, an army base near the city of Daraa, where the first shots of the civil war were fired over a year ago, and a base whose tanks are now under rebel control.

A number of bases have fallen in recent weeks to the rebels, as the regime struggles with its supply lines and retracts more and more of its troops into the area immediate surrounding Damascus in an attempt to secure the capital, if nothing else.

The rebels have tried to spin the new bases as proof that they are nearing a victory, while the military is denying those gains, insisting that several of the “captured” bases actually remain under their control.

Changes of control also don’t mean permanent losses in some cases, as locals say the Aleppo military college captured by the rebels has fallen back to the military after fierce fighting over the weekend.

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