Israel Commander: Gaza Border Quietest in 20 Years

One Gazan Wounded in Protests, But Incidents Increasingly Rare

One Gazan was wounded today by gunfire when Israeli troops opened fire on a crowd of demonstrators near the border fence near Khan Younis. Its the first such incident in weeks, much more rare than it used to be.

One unnamed commander in the Israeli military termed the situation on the Gaza border the “a quiet like hasn’t happened in 20 years,” a situation which gives civilians on both sides some much-needed stability.

Israeli officials are presenting this as vindication for the war, insisting they really put Hamas in their place. Yet Hamas, in their comments, continues to declare victory and attributes the calm to Israel not daring to move against them again.

In the end both sides are likely wrong, as the other side remains determined to protect the myth of their respective “victories” by not testing the fragile ceasefire, giving added legs to a truce that neither side of combatants seems to be ideologically in favor of, but which both are seeing as politically expedient. Still, so long as the calm continues, its best for both sides not to over-analyze it and just enjoy it.

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