Settler Price-Tag Attacks Target Monastery in East Jerusalem

Vandals Also Launched Attack in Palestinian Village

Settlers carried out a “price-tag” attack against a Christian monastery in occupied East Jerusalem overnight, covering the monastery with graffiti condemning Christianity and slashing the tires of vehicles parked therein.

Police reported that the attackers spray-painted multiple “Hebrew hate slogans” on the building and also spray-painted “Happy Hanukkah” on one of the vehicles whose tires were slashed.

It is the second time this monastery has been targeted by the settlers. Police say they don’t know who is responsible yet, but have expressed confidence they would eventually find the culprits.

Which would be a switch, because while Israeli officials repeatedly have condemned the price-tag movement, arrests have been extremely rare and convictions virtually non-existent.

It was one of two price-tag attacks reported last night. The other, in a Palestinian village near Ramallah, saw a single car torched and “price-tag” written in Hebrew on the ground nearby.

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