Netanyahu: Hamas Speech Proves No Compromise Possible With Palestinians

Insists Abbas' Lack of Comment Proves He Is an Enemy Too

The ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip continues to hold, but both sides seem eager to make speeches downplaying its value and insisting a broader peace is impossible, and that this is entirely the other side’s fault.

Khaled Meshaal, Hamas’ leader who made his first ever visit to the strip last week, continues to insist that his movement is committed to “armed resistance” and will never accept a territorial split with Israel.

Not to be outdone Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned Meshaal, while insisting that his speech proved that peace with the Palestinians is entirely impossible, and that they are a military enemy to be “overcome.”

Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas has tried to stay quiet in the latest round of public bickering, but seems to be getting drawn in by virtue of his silence, with Netanyahu insisting Abbas’ lack of public condemnation for Hamas proves that he too is the “enemy,” finishing up by condemning the Israeli left for continuing to support the “illusion” of peace.

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