Sen. Graham Slams ‘Light Footprint’ of US Security Worldwide

Warns Lack of Security Could Mean 'More Benghazis'

Having noticed that there was way too little security on the ground to defend the US Consulate in post-regime change Benghazi, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R – SC) is talking up a dramatic increase in “footprint” for military operations worldwide.

“There are gonna be more Benghazis,” Graham warned, insisting that more troops were needed any place where an attack was conceivably possible.

Absent in the discussion is that Benghazi’s current security nightmare is a direct result of the NATO-imposed regime change in Libya and choosing winners among the various rebel factions in post-revolution Libya.

Which is why the US Consulate in Benghazi is under more pressure than, say, the US Consulate in Winnipeg. The extent to which there are “gonna be more Benghazis” in US policy is exactly the extent to which consulates in these places are going to be imperiled.

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