US Issues IAEA Ultimatum for Iran in March

US Issues IAEA Ultimatum for Iran in March | Demands progress with IAEA investigation

The US is demanding that Iran “start cooperating” with the IAEA by March, threatening unspecified UN Security Council moves if they are not satisfied with the progress.

Its going to be difficult for Iran to even hypothetically satisfy either the IAEA or the United States, as the IAEA has repeatedly reaffirmed that Iran’s nuclear program is 100% civilian in nature.

That’s not the problem, despite rhetoric to the contrary. Rather, the problem is that the IAEA says that it hasn’t been able to 100% confirm that there isn’t some hypothetical second nuclear program operational in Iran that they simply have no documentation for.

That’s a virtually insurmountable problem, because Iran’s repeated confirmation that the program doesn’t exist isn’t sufficient, and there is no documentation anywhere to prove that something purely hypothetical doesn’t exist.

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  • Canadian

    Iran also hasn't proven that it doesn't secretly have munchkins held captive and subjected to evil spells cast by the Wicked Witch of the West. Even if you check and never see the captive munchkins, how can you be sure they aren't just being moved around when you're not looking?

    Iran must be held accountable for its failure to prove that it is not engaged in widespread ritual munchkin abuse.

    • LOL … You just made my day . I was about to write something similar along side of "goblins" and "hobbits" …. 🙂

  • mojo

    It's about time for U.S to pickup and leave, U.S have done enough harm and caused enough devastation around the world, is time start wit bullying at home, start digging your own backyard finding about democracy, present U.S government not even respect its own constitution, how can they have any respect for democracy or other nation in this world…, U.S is fighting for its economy to stay float and not become a real third world country, and they still doing it a wrong way, U.S government, as such, will never learn, that is one of the reason being at war for last 60 years.

  • Rally

    I'm pretty sure I remember something from Obama admin officials that said we'd be at war with Iran before June 2013. Can't remember the source, but I feel like I'm pretty sure I heard that.

  • Yonatan

    Iran is no threat to the US. The US is totally subservient to Israel and intends to help it implement Plan Yinon, the dismemberment of all Muslim countries in the Middle East. That is why the US is arming al Qaeda supporters in Syria – to destablise it and reduce it to permanent internal civil war.

  • John Watson

    US demands that Iran cooperates?
    Do these fascist imperialists think it's still the 19th century?

  • MoT

    As some DC lunatics have said in the past, and it was worthy of derision even then, "It's the seriousness of the charge" that bears investigating! Clearly there is no way to satisfy someone who is bound and determined to kill you.

  • Bruce Morgan

    It's too bad this headline did not read "US issues UNSCRes 242 Ultimatum for Israel in March"

  • persnipoles

    Didn't Wolfowitz tell GTMO to 'step it up' with an Iraq 'link?' Congenital liars understand the whip pretty well…

  • John Ellis

    And also, Iran must prove that it is impossible for it to ever have an intent to build a nuke.

    To do this Iran must describe in detail every conceivable circumstance that might so motivate Iran to have a nuke-intent.

    Then, Iran must describe every possible way that these circumstances might be combined to produce a nuke-intent.

    Then, for each conceivable combination Iran must provide absolute proof of how impossible it would be for Iran to be motivated sufficient to have a nuke-intent, it being such an awesome and fearful thing as to warrant bombing Iran back to the Persian Dynasty.

    • Canadian

      But the fact that they had considered every possible permutation would demonstrate an extreme preoccupation with the subject of building nukes which could then only be interpreted as evidence that they intend to build nukes and blow up the whole world.

      Oh dear.

      • Canadian

        Clearly, we must blow up the world in order to save it.

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  • henry

    I have said it before i hope russia or china or anybody give Iran the bomb to take the wind out of western countries sail. Iran should tell the world that they have the bomb and will never work on one themsels just wants to be left alone