Netanyahu, Hamas Both Aim to Spin War, Ceasefire to Their Advantage

Hamas Declares 'Victory' While Netanyahu Cheers Damage Caused

In war, both the Israeli government and Hamas sought to claim advantage in repeated statements, and now that the ceasefire has gone into effect both are trying to spin the end of the war as a “victory” for their respective sides.

Hamas was overt in announcing the end of the war as a “victory,” claiming their retaliatory strikes, despite not killing that many people, led to the deal, and insisting that they are in a stronger position now, with their military leader and the Gaza Interior Ministry blown up, than they were a week ago.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meanwhile, sought to trumpet the attacks having destroyed Hamas’ command centers, and cheered the US backing of the war as underscoring Israel’s ability to count on US cooperation.

Netanyahu had the added difficulty of trying to sell the peace deal, with early polls showing considerable Israeli consternation at the sudden outbreak of peace, and insists that his goal was to get life back to normal as quickly as possible. This is going to add to criticism, however, not only from hawks but from those asking what the point of the war was in the first place, and why Israel resisted earlier ceasefire efforts.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of