Syrian Rebels Capture Oilfield Near Iraq Border

First Time Rebels Have Seized Control of an Oilfield

Syrian rebels have reported that they have claimed a key oil field in Deir Ezzor, near the Iraqi border. It is the first time that a Syrian rebel factions has captured an oil field.

The report says that about 40 soldiers were left to guard the field and that they were under bombardment from rebel fighters for three days before the rebels claimed it. They say the field was supplying oil for Syrian tanks.

What the rebels are going to do with it remains to be seen, as analysts say it would be next to impossible for the rebels to attempt to export oil abroad, even though a number of Western nations would likely be eager to buy from them.

The capture of the field reflects growing rebel dominance in the northern portions of the nation, as Syrian government forces continue to hold sway over much of the south but are relying on air strikes to stall northern advances.

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