Four Afghan Police Killed in Insider Attack

Police Killed Previous Shift During Shift Change

Yet another insider attack was reported today in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, with four Afghan police killed in the Grish District during a shift change.

The attackers, incredibly, were the next shift of policemen, who arrived at the checkpoint on schedule and proceeded to kill the previous shift. All nine, attackers and victims, were “new recruits” according to local officials.

Helmand’s Provincial Police Chief Abdul Nabi Elham promised an investigation into the killings, and said it wasn’t clear if the attackers were Taliban infiltrators or if there had been a “verbal dispute” that sparked the killings. The Taliban has yet to claim credit.

The US has suspended all training for Afghan police recruits since September, citing the growing number of insider attacks coming out of the training sessions. It isn’t clear if the “new recruits” involved were from before September, or if they simply were never trained at all.

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