Britain: Talks Under Way on US Using Bases for Iran Attack

Britain: Talks Under Way on US Using Bases for Iran Attack | Cameron: Britain opposed to attack ‘at this moment’

Scrambling to answer yesterday report from The Guardian that Britain had rejected an Obama Administration request to use British military bases in an American attack on Iran, Prime Minister David Cameron’s office issued a statement insisting Britain is opposed to such an attack “at this moment.”

That opposition seems to be wafer thin, however, as the statement also said that planning for such a move in the future was ongoing and that talks are “under way” on giving the US such access to their bases.

The British Attorney General’s office had reportedly advised against giving the US access to the bases because an attack would be a violation of international law, and doing so would mean British culpability in the crime.

This might suggest that the “at this moment” comments are just a temporary out, while Britain’s legal team struggles to come up with some sort of conceivably justification for endorsing the American attack.

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  • JLS

    Never underestimate the British capacity for bowing before their colonial masters in Washington!

  • Torpedo

    Ha Ha. The british lapdog will do as trained, and required, by it's american master.

    • theo baumann

      Unfortunately very true !

  • The ghost of Goldsmith wanders the corridors of the Attorney Generals Office?

  • curmudgeonvt

    And here I thought #10 had grown a pair of their own…silly me…obviously Cameron prefers to be led down the path of endless war and endless enemies by the fools in Washington. What is it going to take before these chowderheads realize that what they are doing is guaranteeing that there will eventually be another 9/11. If the grand plan is to set the entire world on fire – some sort of forced global population control – then they're on track to complete the plan. Even the pols who one would think were thinking, sane people seem to succumb to the Sirens' call toward Armageddon.

    I used to think that the majority of people were more likely to want to live peacefully with the rest of the world – you know, not warmongers or fearmongers. But, I may be wrong.

  • Yonatan

    The British govt lawyers will be working overtime to try to find a loophole that will enable the new UK govt to have a real war.

  • rajinder

    you fools .. listen….. the false and dangerous religion has to be stopped from spreading like a virus , like cancer…. not just uk but aal the non muslim world must particapate to destroy nuclear facillty of iran and seize paks nuclear bombs at any cost…. to save the world of future…..

    rahab buhaira taught muhammed….. to create a barbarian gang of a religion. wake up u fools

    • theo baumann

      Poorly written by rajinder, the fool in person !

    • mojo

      You are the FOOL, independent and anti Imperialism agenda of some country in middle east is what bothering these NEO LIBERAL fascism and you are included.

  • Aarky

    The Brits will have to contract with John Yoo and Jay Bybee in the US to do legal backflips and cartwheels to justify allowing the British bases for any type of attack. During the Bush/Cheney period when Cheney was always trying to precipitate an attack, the US had leased bases in Bulgaria and Romania. They would have needed to overfly neutral countries for an attack.

  • Nicki

    ……and what about what the people want? Has Cameron asked the people who voted him into power. I am sure they would prefer to live in peace and to have the multi billions that a war will cost spent at home!!!

  • Australia is also an American lapdog, sad to say!

    How can nations like these be so blinded to the real motives that drive the U.S.. I mean, it's not as though they aren't obvious.

    The lapdogs will eventually become the slaves of the Evil Empire!

    • theo baumann

      True, our Australian Pollies jump the highest when the USA asks them to jump !