US State Dept. Demands Lebanon Form New Govt.

Says New Govt. Needed to 'Counter Syria'

With Lebanon’s current government in turmoil after weekend violence, the US is taking the opportunity to once again insinuate itself directly in the political situation, with the State Department is demanding that President Suleiman form a new government with the Sunni-dominated opposition parties at the lead.

“The export of instability from Syria threatens the security of Lebanon now more than ever, and it’s really up to the Lebanese people to choose a government that is going to counter this threat,” insisted spokeswoman Victoria Nuland.

The US has styled itself as something of a king-maker in Lebanese politics in this government session, with Vice President Joe Biden showing up days before the election and threatening to withdraw all aid from Lebanon if they voted for the Hezbollah-dominated faction.

And while Biden got his way temporarily, the Sunni-dominated faction eventually collapsed and was replaced by Hezbollah anyhow. Now US officials are pushing for that government’s ouster and the return of the already-failed faction, which is more than likely going to force early elections.

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