US Shifts Aid to Create Libyan Commando Force

Special Forces to Deploy to Conduct Training Missions

Convinced that al-Qaeda if flourishing in Libya in the wake of last year’s US-backed regime change, the Obama Administration has shifted millions of dollars in Pentagon aid, initially earmarked for Pakistan, to Libya to create a new commando force in the nation.

The plan will necessitate the deployment of US special forces troops on the ground in Libya, as they are the ones who are supposed to be doing the training. The deployment will add yet another foothold to US forces in Africa.

The State Department initially submitted the plan last month, saying it was necessary to “combat and defend against threats from al-Qaeda.” Though it is being couched as a reaction to the Benghazi Consulate raid the plan was actually submitted a week before the attack.

Libyan officials have not commented on the plan, but in the past they have called for Western aid to increase the size of their new post-war military.

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