EU Plans New Sanctions on Iran’s Banking, Shipping Sectors

Israeli FM: Not Imposing Sanctions Like Appeasing Hitler

EU officials are meeting in Luxembourg on Monday to discuss the possibility of imposing a massive new round of sanctions against Iran, this time targeting the Iranian banking and shipping sectors.

Previously, the sanctions had only targeted certain types of transactions with Iran, but the new rules, if approved, would ban essentially all transactions. Only transactions that are specifically approved ahead of time would be allowed.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is loudly advocating the new sanctions, and is demanding that the EU immediately pass them, claiming that not doing so is the same thing as going back in time to support Hitler in the 1930’s.

Sanctions against Iran have done massive damage to the nation’s private economy, while many of the government industries that were supposed to be targeted have been less effected, as they are able to find ways to circumvent the rules.

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