Syrian Islamists Form Umbrella Group for Rebel Fight

Announce 'Front to Liberate Syria'

Several Syrian Islamist blocs have announced that they are joining forces in the ongoing Syrian Civil War, forming the “Front to Liberate Syria” (FLS) as an overall umbrella group for the Islamist portion of the rebellion.

Technically speaking the factions had already had an “Islamic Front to Liberate Syria,” but in addition to dropping Islamic from their name they are going to coordinate their leadership better, at least that is the goal.

The move comes amid growing pressure from Western and Saudi backers for the various rebel groups to organize and coordinate better, but while the FLS includes some powerful factions, it is missing many others.

Secular groups appear entirely out of the faction’s purview, leaving the Free Syrian Army (FSA) operating separately. Likewise, the group considers the Salafist al-Nusra Front “too extreme” for their tastes, so that group is also on its own.

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