UN Defends Canceling Afghan Visit Over Security Concerns

Diplomats Complained Decision Was Based on 'Vague' Recommendation

The United Nations Security Council is defending their decision to cancel a high profile trip by a council delegation to Afghanistan after reports that diplomats were complaining the decision was hastily made.

The announcement was initially made earlier this month, after Undersecretary General Gregory Starr said it would be better to postpone it indefinitely on the basis of security concerns. They also cancelled a side trip to Yemen.

UN officials say that they stand by the recommendation to postpone, saying that while there were no specific threats the overall risk level made such a trip unwise at this point.

The US was said to be in favor of the postponement, citing “obvious reasons,” but also sought to limit access to the meeting where the decision was made to top ambassadors, apparently to avoid scrutiny of such a move at a time when the US is cheering the “progress” of the Afghan occupation.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.