Syrian Rebels Ousted From Several Damascus Neighborhoods

Military Reinforcements Sent to Aleppo as Fighting Continues There

The quick victories both sides have been promising have never come to fruition, and Syria’s civil war is likely to continue for a long time yet. Slowly but surely, however, the regime looks set to retake the rest of the area around the capital city of Damascus.

The regime has held the city itself pretty successfully, but the rebels had control of many of the Sunni-dominated suburbs that encircle the city. The news today is that the military has managed to push the rebels out of several of the suburbs, and while small pockets of rebel activity remain they are nowhere near the level to challenge the military openly.

This is not the case in Aleppo, the nation’s largest city and industrial capital, where both sides have been in open conflict for over a month, and though both sides are regularly predicting breakthroughs, nothing has been seen.

Syria’s military is said to be sending more reinforcements to Aleppo in an attempt to “settle” the clash in the area, but many rebel groups also see Aleppo as a “make or break” battle and are putting more and more fighters in as well.

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