Syrian Rebels Capture Yemeni Military Officers, Issue Demands

Demand Yemen Cut All Ties With the Syrian Military

Syrian rebels belonging to the al-Nusra Front have released a video of five captured Yemeni military officers today, along with a demand for Yemen to end all military and logistics ties with the Assad government.

One of the captives, Mohammed al-Meleiky, read a statement on camera that he and the others were sent to Syria to “help Assad’s forces” in the ongoing civil war. A rights group familiar with the situation says that the five were actually studying at a military academy in Aleppo.

The depth of Yemen’s relationship with Syria is not generally understood, but Yemen’s own Ba’athist leanings (particularly during former President Saleh’s rule) have kept their military ties relatively close.

Al-Nusra is an al-Qaeda linked militant faction which has regularly attacked media outlets in Syria, accusing them of being too friendly to the Assad regime. The group has styled itself as the rebel media outlet, but has also engaged in several battles, particularly in Aleppo.

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