NATO: Despite Attacks, Relationship With Afghanistan ‘Very Strong’

Afghans Term Latest Attack a 'Misunderstanding'

The latest insider attack in Afghanistan, which killed the 2,000th US soldier of the 11-year occupation, is adding yet more tensions to the relationship with Afghanistan, with commander Gen. John Allen saying he is “mad as hell” about the killings.

British Lt. Gen. Adrian Bradshaw has downplayed the situation, however, calling a special press conference to insist that the relationship between NATO and Afghan forces is “very strong,” while claiming insurgents may have been involved in the fighting.

The Afghan government is also downplaying the latest round of shooting, with the Defense Ministry claiming it was all a “misunderstanding” and that the US troops started the clash, killing three Afghan soldiers.

Relations between NATO and the Afghan government have been tested repeatedly by the killings, as well as the civilian casualties caused by NATO air strikes. Both sides are insisting this isn’t a serious bump in the road, however, and it may just be business as usual in a protracted occupation.

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