Israeli DM: Lieberman Comments ‘Harm Israel’s Interests’

Barak: West Bank 'Currently in a Very Good State'

During closed-door discussions this weekend Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak reported lambasted Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman for his criticisms of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, saying his comments “harm Israel’s interests.”

Barak reportedly declared the occupied West Bank “currently in a very good state” and insisted that if Lieberman had his way, Abbas would be forced out and Hamas would take over. Lieberman has termed Abbas the “primary obstacle to peace.”

It isn’t the first time Lieberman has run afoul of the rest of the government. Indeed, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has more than once had to run a de facto second foreign ministry out of his office to manage relations with other countries.

Barak’s political future isn’t necessarily any rosier than the hawkish Lieberman’s, however, as recent polls suggest Barak’s current party will struggle to win a single seat in the next election. Lieberman’s party is liable to remain one of the major blocs.

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