Qatari Emir Pushes for Arab Invasion of Syria

Qatari Emir Pushes for Arab Invasion of Syria | Claims ‘military duty’ to oust Assad

Speaking today at the UN General Assembly, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani proposed an Arab coalition invasion force to enter Syria and “stop the bloodshed,” citing the 1970’s Lebanese force as a guideline. He insisted the nations have a “military duty” to intervene.

This was an extremely poor example because the Arab Deterrent Force (ADF), deployed to Lebanon at the onset of their bloody civil war, ended up staying for a solid seven years, morphing into a Syrian military occupation of northern Lebanon, which continued for decades.

And even then, the Lebanese Civil War was not over. The ADF officially left in 1982 but the war continued off and on through the rest of the 1980s before finally reaching a political settlement long after the 20,000-strong force left.

The Qatari government, as with the rest of the governments in the GCC, back the rebels against the Assad government, and many are keen to insinuate themselves militarily to install the Sunni rebels in the country. Russia and China, both allies of Assad, would oppose any foreign invasions.

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  • james

    Best idea I ever heard since Saddam invaded Kuwait. The Arabs are directly affected by what happens there and should put an end to the bloodshed on both sides.

  • mojo

    The Syrian war never was about democracy nor such prospect is the intention of the west, as Obama falsly proclaims tha it is, syrianwar is about a supremacy of the sunnies wanting to brake the bound between Iran, Iraq, Russia and china. Thie Amir of nothing is one of those feudals that us and eu are supporting, in that regard Qatar an Saudis doing the favor for us an eu paying their barbarians to fight the Syrian people. Obama claims that Arab spring is about democracy, he and rest of the neo liberals can claim what they want but the core of the uprising is a religious one and religious is not and never going to be about democracy.

  • ML3

    Nothing makes oppressive autocracies happier than channeling their disaffected, restive young populations OUT of their own Kingdoms to be used as cannon fodder.
    That and gold-plated toilet bowls.

  • backblow

    The Qatari and Saudi military wouldn't say boo to a goose – are they really prepared to confront the Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians in a regional war? However, it is also essential to ask if the United States and NATO would stay out if the Saudis, Qataris, and, I assume, Jordanians suffer a reversal and they are in turn invaded by the Syrians, Iraqis and Iranians? What would the United States do if the Qatari, Saudi and Jordanian monarchies were deposed and democracies established in their place?