Iranian Nuclear Chief: We Misled Foreign Spies on Specifics of Nuclear Program

Says It Was Necessary to Prevent Attacks by Spy Agencies

Iranian nuclear chief Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani is reporting in an interview today that he intentionally misled in comments at IAEA discussions in an attempt to “mislead” possible foreign attackers.

“We sometimes gave false information to protect our nuclear sites,” Abbasi-Davani said in comments elaborating on earlier reports that Iran believes the IAEA has been infiltrated by foreign “terrorists and saboteurs.”

“Sometimes we show weakness where we are not weak. Sometimes we show strengths where we are not strong,” Abbasi-Davani added, saying MI6 and other spy agencies had been the targets of the deception.

The admission of not being 100% honest is potentially dangerous in and of itself, as it will no doubt be spun in the upcoming days as proof that Iran is negotiating in bad faith on their civilian program.

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