Was Benghazi Attack Planned? Libya Says Yes, US Says No

Was Benghazi Attack Planned? Libya Says Yes, US Says No | Rice terms attack ‘spontaneous’ response to Cairo protest

In the wake of Tuesday’s Benghazi Consulate attack, US officials marveled at the complexity of the attack, saying the attackers were “well-armed and seemingly well-informed” before launching the multi-hour siege on the consulate, killing the US Ambassador and several others.

That was the story, but now officials are telling something completely different, with US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice calling the attack “spontaneous” and saying that the attackers were trying to “replicate” what happened in Cairo.

Which is odd because what happened in Cairo, a public protest at an embassy during which some of the protesters scaled the facade and took down the US flag, is completely different from sieging and burning the Benghazi consulate.

Libyan President Mohammed Megarif is telling a story completely different as well, saying that the attackers were foreign infiltrators who had planned the attack for months and took advantage of security problems, which other officials say they warned the US about repeatedly.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Tom Mauel

    Corporate media is reporting the same lies about a spontaneous demonstration . Romney responds and gets off on some weird anti Islamist tangent. So Obama lies and the complete failure of US intervention in Libya is kept hidden from the public once again.

    • Jaime

      If the FCM says it, it's a lie. If the US government says it, it's a lie.

  • John_Muhammad

    The Obama administration is doing everything it can to pin the violence on the 'movie' discovered on youtube, and deflect any allegation that the attacks are a direct result of his policies (and continuing US policies) in the Middle East.

    Even for those in the Middle East carrying out the attacks and agitating the crowds, the 'movie' is nothing more than a pretext, and an excuse to get the attacks in motion. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a political 'expert' to understand that most protesters (yes, even Muslims) usually don't show up to protest a film with assault rifles, grenades, and rocket launchers.

    I see the attacks as a clear indication of the rejection of Western interference in the region, and the longer we and our NATO 'allies' stay there, the worse it's going to get.

  • omop

    So Susan Rice 6/7 thousand miles away from Benghazi concludes that the attack was "spontaneous" while Libyan authorities report otherwise. There are rumors in the Middle East that the attackers were African mercenaries employed by "western neocons" from France and the US to influence voters in favor of Romney.

    go figure.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    Well, the Gulf News is reporting that US spy planes came under heavy artillery attack which caused the Benghazi airport to be shut down. Oops! But, of course, none of that was planned since those pesky protesters always go on demonstrations with heavy artillery and weaponry…Made in USA!

    US spy planes fly over Benghazi; airport shut

  • US says no, Libya says yes. Well, I know who to believe. I'd believe anything and anyone before I give any credence to the lies of empire. And that's just a rule of thumb.

  • December01

    As I been saying. This was all spontaneous and not the preplanned work of Al-Qaeda. Libya is littered with Salafis who form militias and littered with heavy weapons. Egypt is absent of both militias and heavy weapons so what happened in Libya would be much less likely to occur in Egypt.