Scared of Leaks, Netanyahu Mulls Forcing Cabinet to Take Polygraphs

Cancels Cabinet Meeting, Promises Investigation

Having seen months of war rhetoric imperiled by recent US criticism, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be growing even more insular and distrustful of outsiders, even turning on his own security cabinet today, announcing that he is canceling meetings with them because he doesn’t trust them not to leak the details of the meetings to the press.

It gets better. Apparently Netanyahu is so convinced of the existence of a mole inside his cabinet that he is discussing the possibility of asking Shin Bet, the nation’s spy agency, to compel the whole cabinet to take polygraph tests to prove their innocence.

Netanyahu declined to identify exactly which media story set off this new round of concern, but speculation was that it was related to the planning attack on Iran. Since Israel’s military actively censors their media, it is also possible that whatever story it was didn’t even make the papers.

The Israeli prime minister and other top officials on the hawkish side of the Iran issue have regularly lashed the media, both domestic and international, for reporting on the large number of opponents to the war, saying it was a threat to national security.

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