US: Iran Arming Syria Through Iraqi Airspace

US: Iran Arming Syria Through Iraqi Airspace | Administration presses Iraq to close airspace

Officials in the Obama Administration say that Iran is continuing to ship armaments to the Syrian military despite the ongoing civil war, and is shipment by air over Iraqi airspace to do so.

The administration is reportedly pressing the Iraqi government to close their airspace to Iranian planes, and Vice President Biden pressed the issue with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in mid-August.

Officials say that despite expressing the concern to Maliki, there appears to be no sign that Iraq is changing their airspace access rights. They gave no indication what sort of military supplies were actually being sent to Syria, however.

The Iraqi government has never been on particularly good terms with the Assad government in Syria, but has been close with the Iranian government. As Iraq is ruled by Shi’ite blocs, they are likely also concerned by the Sunni sectarianism in the Syrian rebel movement.

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  • mojo

    So is US Saudis Quataris and Europeans supplying barbarians and terrorists and what is called rebels, they are doing it by the way in Turkey, Iran is doing it by the way of Iraq air space. So… and….. what was the question…?

    • robertsgt40

      US: Iran Arming Syria Through Iraqi Airspace—Is there an adult in the room that believes this latest line of BS?

  • preemt

    So the regime the US bleed so hard for the israelis to install in Iraq refuse to follow orders…
    I guess the parasitic "super power" can continue to shoot down Iranian civilian air liners…

  • backblow

    Closing Iraqi airspace to Iranian planes requires certain capabilities like being able to shoot down the Iranian planes concerned. Unfortunately for Washington,giving the Iraqis that capability might mean that they shoot down other planes entering their airspace. I wonder where those aircraft might come from.

    Also, since it is highly likely that the people (Qataris and Saudis) who are funding the terrorists in Syria are also funding the terrorists in Iraq, just why should the Iraqis not support the Syrian regime. Particularly as a Sunni victory in Syria would embolden the Sunni terrorists in Iraq.

  • Mark Thomason

    Deep irony. Iraqi airspace was left totally undefended so that Israel could attack Iran unhindered, and now Iran is using it.

    That is also the real reason behind the no-fly zone for Syria. They just want to empty the area of air defenses to get at Iran. That they will gin up an al Qaida nightmare on the Israeli border, spilling over into Lebanon and Jordan, they do not consider as important as a path for an air raid on Iran. They did not get the message from their last foray into making the region "safe" for Israel.

  • peter vojta

    US arrogance has no limit!!! peter czech

  • mojo

    Look: US and its allies are terrorist supporters governments, or if you will state supported terrorism as Turkey, Germany, England, French and Sweden is, Turkey is a NATO member so is other countries named here(Sweden is not officially a NATO member) , and NATO is a militarism regime consist of EU and England, Sweden participated in Libya war, they supported these barbarians in Libya and they supporting the war in Syria thats alone makes them state supported terrorists governments or country.

    And again, what was the question…..

  • Stevie Billings

    The US wanted Iraq to be sovereign. Now Shiite-dominated Iraq has made a decision to support a Shiite/Alawite-dominated Syria and its benefactor, a Shiite-dominated Iran. So, how is the US-supported and pro-Iranian government of iraq doing? It seems the Sunni al Qaeda terrorists have begun slaughtering Iraqis too. So, exactly why wouldn't the Shiites of Iraq support Assad in his war against al Qaeda?

  • Ed A

    … and what?… that Syria and Iran need America's permission to trade with each other??

    Seriously, American officials should listen to their own comments sometime.

  • Bonnie

    Jason Ditz, why do you lie so much!?

    In the 1st place, how could Iran go into Iraq airsapce if it's all controlled by the U.S.?

    Do you think we're stupid?

    You're , obviously, a zionist, pushing for an Iran War!

    If you want war so much, why don't you go, or send a family member?

  • ML3

    Sigh…it appears if the US brains will not catch up to its ego and hubris anytime soon

  • HWP

    And if you believe this I have some of Saddams "nookular" weapons to sell for cheap as well