Syrian Rebels Attack Army HQ in Damascus

Planted Bombs in Heavily Guarded Site

Four people were wounded today in a surprise bombing attack against the General Staff headquarters of the Syrian military in the capital city of Damascus. A faction of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) took credit, saying they had infiltrated the site and planted the bombs.

Though the casualties appear to have been minimal, it again raises questions about the military’s ability to provide security for itself, just two months after a bomb attack in the same district killed the nation’s Defense Minister.

Since the FSA is made up largely of former military officers, they would have familiarity with the buildings they’re attacking, but they seem surprisingly able to get bombs planted within them, seemingly at will.

The FSA said today’s attack was an attempt to kill some high level military officials. In that regard it appears to have failed, but the fear it has spread will likely have an impact far beyond the damage done.

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