Syrian Rebels Launch Counter-Offensive in Aleppo, Claim Another Helicopter Shot Down

Rebel Factions 'Coordinating' Attacks Against Govt Buildings

Syrian rebel factions are once again on the attack today, claiming that they are launching coordinated attacks against a number of different government buildings in Aleppo, while also claiming major gains in Idlib Province in their attacks on Abu Zuhour Air Base.

Apparently related to the Idlib fighting is a claim, so far unconfirmed, that rebel fighters shot down another helicopter in the province. This would be the second aircraft lost in the province in as many days, and the second helicopter shootdown of the week.

Rebels claim that they are now holding parts of the Abu Zuhour Air Base, where yesterday’s plane was shot down, and seem to be making some advances in Aleppo, though the expect details on held territory are impossible to come by.

Both rebels and regime predicted quick victories in the fight over Aleppo, but the city has now been contested for a solid month and neither side seems to be on the brink of victory. As Syria’s financial capital, industrial capital and largest city has ground to a virtual halt for a month of fighting, the nation’s already tenuous economic prospects are looking grim no matter who comes out on top in the war.

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