US Demands Egypt Get Israeli Permission for Sinai Operations

US Demands Egypt Get Israeli Permission for Sinai Operations | US keen for crackdown, but only if Israel says it’s okay

The Obama Administration is confirming today that they have demanded Egypt get Israeli permission for the continuation of their ongoing crackdown in the Sinai Peninsula, saying that it is vital to remain “transparent with Israel” on all operations.

The crackdown came primarily at Israel’s behest, with Defense Minister Ehud Barak saying major attacks earlier this month along the border should serve as a “wake-up call” about the need to improve security in the region.

But when Mursi ordered the crackdown, Israeli officials expressed outrage, saying that it violated the 1979 Camp David Accords and demanding that they withdraw their forces from Sinai.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland says that the US also wants a “strong security operation” in Sinai, but only to the extent that it can be launched with the explicit permission of Israel. Since the Israeli government appears to be of two minds about this crackdown, that is going to make it hugely complicated for the Mursi government and likely a lose-lose situation, where either they are condemned for the crackdown or the lack of it.

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  • Thank you so much!! I am glad that people are finding it beneficial.Alex

  • JDonald

    When will American foreign policy be anything other than a mouthpeace for the wants of Israel? The US State Department is totally infiltrated with pro-Zionists and dual Israeli/American citizens that it cannot determine what is best for the USA. Why hasn't this same State Department insisted that Israel comply with evacuation of the Palistinian lands that is also required by the Israel/Egypt accord?

  • mojo

    Are you kidding me.., when was the last time Israel was transparent with anyone in this world for doing anything, when was the last time Israel asked for permission from any of his neighbors or even the US government, are you kidding me, when was the last time Obama was transparent with the american people. To hell with any 1979 or any other accords or agreement with Israel, when was the last time that Israel kept its part of agreement for last 50 years.

  • Walter Col

    Get permission, permission from another country to solve its internal problems?

    This makes me suspect that the security problems in Egypt were started by Israel as an excuse for Israel and Amerika to exert its belligerence in the region.

  • jacksplace58

    Israel can attack anyone they please in self defense but Egypt has to get permission?

  • Balogna

    I wonder if the USA needs Mexican permission to operate in Texas and Arizona?
    Are Israeli transgressions in Palestine transparent to the Palestinians?

  • james


  • Guest

    Whats going to happen when Israel could not decide what it wants from Congress-Senate and but demands to be given ?

  • Margaret

    By all means, make sure you have the Middle East's Masters permission before you do anything in your own sovereign territory!

  • curmudgeonvt

    One of the legacies of the Bush/Cheney years is the blatant disregard for the concept of sovereignty of foreign countries. Yes, yes, the US has always felt like the world was it's playground but there used to be a pretense of respect for sovereign rights…no longer. The last time I checked the Sinai was Egyptian land – not Israelis – not that they hadn't tried to claim it once before.

  • Roger Lafontaine

    Well the cat's out of the bag – once again. The dictator of the world, also known as 'the leader of the free world' will now run your lives/economies/societies/militaries for you and if you don't like it expect trouble (assassinations, airstrikes, sabotage etc.)

  • Rightster

    Egypt has a right to exist, and might start viewing Israel as an existential threat. They reserve the right of self-defense.

  • Bill Lee

    Shut up, US. Shut your fascist mouth.

  • Bianca

    This is hardly a lose-lose proposition for Egypt. While Israel sorts out its "two minds", Egypt needs to do what its citizens demand — rid the area of terrorists. It is absolutely fascinating that the terrorists fled to — Israel! Why on earth would they do that? To their suprise, instead of getting protection, they were all killed. So, Israel demands security, hopes for chaos, and is dismayed by the decisive action by Egypt. The reality on the ground is what will matter.

  • Agvo

    The Obama Admin demanded that Egypt get Israel's permission. All of a sudden now this admin has developed a backbone when it comes to Egypt. When was the last time that the US demanded anything from Israel and they complied with those demands?

  • Rightster

    It isn't just "this" Administration, it's every Administration since at least the Reagan Administration that seems to take orders from Israel, even when it has obviously hurt our national security.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    Gotta love it!