Spike in Afghan Forces Attacking Colleagues, NATO Troops

53 Afghan Security Forces Slain in Attacks in 2012

The escalation in “green-on-blue” attacks, that is, the attacks by Afghan security forces on NATO occupation forces, has become something of a major story in recent weeks, particularly after nine such attacks were launched in a 11 day span earlier this month.

But it turns out “green-on-green” attacks are soaring as well, with 35 separate attacks so far this year by Afghan security forces on other Afghan security forces, resulting in at least 53 people killed and 22 wounded.

Though NATO has sought to downplay its significance, many of these attacks appear to be the result of Taliban infiltration of security forces, with low-ranking Taliban joining to acquire weapons and launched attacks on the way out, before disappearing back into the insurgency.

Officials have repeatedly claimed improved “screening” for security forces, but with the enormous size of the Afghan military and the extremely low pay, it is almost inevitable for recruiters to take anybody who’s willing.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.