US Drone Attack Kills Five in North Waziristan

Two Others Wounded in Attack Near Shana Khora Village

In the fourth attack in as many days, US drones attacked a car just outside of the village of Shana Khora in Pakistan’s North Waziristan Agency today, killing five and wounding two others.

The identities of the victims of the attack were not known, and once again officials termed everyone a “suspect.” Three other attacks over the weekend killed 17 additional people across the agency.

US drone strikes have been a continuing source of tension between the US and Pakistan, which has warned that the strikes are doing more harm than good. The US has ruled out ending the strikes.

The Obama Administration has maintained that the strikes are legal under international law, but it has also claimed details of the program are “classified” and declined to publicly discuss them. Of well over 2,000 people killed in drone strikes since Obama took office, only a few dozen have ever been identified, with the vast majority termed “suspects” forever.

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