NATO Kills at Least 24 ‘Armed Men’ in Afghan Airstrike

Local Officials Say Toll Could Be Much Higher

NATO warplanes pounded a gathering of “armed men” in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province late Saturday, with officials saying “at least two dozen” of them were killed. NATO insists none of the slain were civilians.

The exact toll is unclear, however, as provincial officials say that the toll could be closer to 40 or 50 people slain. The people were apparently arguing about the disputed death of a relative, and one of the families sought Taliban help to get revenge.

Two of the slain were identified as Maulvi Nur Mohammad and Atiqullah, the top two Taliban officials in the village, and they apparently had been in the process of ordering a public execution. No word on if the person tapped for execution survived the NATO attack.

Chapa Dara District is the area bordering Pakistan, and is also believed to be a staging ground for Pakistani Taliban fighters raiding Bajaur and the Swat Valley. It is unclear form reports if the Taliban killed today were local or were Pakistanis.

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  • Doug_in_Indiana

    Obviously the Taliban who were killed were not Pakistani since Pakistan is a US ally. Probably the sentenced man was Pakistani and the others were Afghan insurrectionists. Oh, wait – they were all Taliban so they deserved to die. No. We are fighting to protect Afghanistan's deeeee..mocracy and some Afghan Taliban visited Mr. Bush at his ranch in Texas in 2001. My PRESIDENT would not kill any of those. Except he was a Republican President. Oh this is so confusing. I'll get back after I check with Mrs. Robertson, my third grade teacher. She will know more than my Congressman about all this anyhow.

  • RParker

    Looks like they are still practicing the "Kill 'em all–let God sort 'em out" doctrine. The U.S./NATO forces are the best recruiters for the Taliban.

    • curmudgeonvt

      But God is on side of the Occupiers – Mrs. Bachmann and Rick Santorum told us so…on TV…so it must be true. So, since God is not stopping us from killing em all then they MUST be Taliban and enemies of the Righteous and Virtuous.

  • Popsiq

    Are the Taliban starting to get the 'hang' of western-style 'justis' yet?

    No need to be gunning people down in the street Just some quiet deliberation of the intel, a command communication and 'whamm-o', airborne resources look after the rest.

    Except for the clean-up.

  • Rightster

    All of the men in Afghanistan are "armed". If being armed is the justification for these attacks, just imagine how an enemy could justify hitting an American city because of the "armed" men.

  • MoT

    Would seem Uncle Scam "helped" the accused escape an execution by sending him off this mortal coil. I suppose America expects to be thanked for that no less.