Two More US Troops Killed by Afghan Trainees

Two more American soldiers were killed and several others wounded on Friday when multiple Afghan security personnel opened fire on their supposed allies, in the latest so-called “green-on-blue” attack, which have now killed 39 international troops so far this year.

In the first incident, “A member of the Afghan Local Police turned his weapon against two USFOR-A service members,” NATO said. Hours later, NATO confirmed that “a number” of foreign and Afghan soldiers were shot and wounded by another Afghan soldier in the southern province of Kandahar.

The failure of the US mission in Afghanistan – to build up and train a centralized state and security apparatus – is illustrated clearly in the constant killing of US soldiers by their Afghan counterparts. Much of the security force has been infiltrated by the Taliban or Pakistani agents.

On Thursday it was reported that the Taliban’s supreme leader Mullah Omar issued a statement bragging about extensive insurgent infiltration in America’s trained security personnel in Afghanistan.

“They are able to (safely) enter bases, offices and intelligence centers of the enemy,” he said. “Then, they easily carry out decisive and coordinated attacks, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.”

As a former US official told Dexter Filkins of the New Yorker, “several hundred soldiers in the Afghan Army are thought to be agents for the Taliban or for Pakistan.” He said that many insurgents who have infiltrated the Afghan forces and killed US troops “had been planted in the Army by the Taliban or by Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s main intelligence branch.”

The US mission in Afghanistan has failed miserably. President Obama’s supposed justification for building up Afghan security forces is so they serve as a bulwark against a return to Taliban rule. But the Taliban have seeped deep into those forces the US is spending billions of dollars on training, and the insurgency is as strong as ever.

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  • Bizarre how Washington continues ignoring this pattern of carnage. Doesn't fit the Official Narrative, so it doesn't exist.

  • Tom Mauel

    The situation has become so bad in Afghanistan major media has been unable to ignore very recent events. Within a few days big media will continue their self appointed task of blacking out the entire Afghan war. Because the headlines will be filled with media demands for war on Iran, deeper involvement in the Syrian conflict. and new wars in Yemen. Somalia and accross Africa. Endless war is assured no matter who wins in November.

  • I thought the saying was: Know Thy Enemy not Train Thy Enemy! I suppose most of the inhabitants of the Exceptional Nation called America probably can't tell the difference.

    The U.S. is like a blind elephant: its sees nothing and smashes everything that gets in its road. Eventually it will tumble over a cliff and the world will rejoice.

  • dublinokarra

    This is the problem of training someone how to kill instead of to read and write.

    • dave742

      In your view, if someone kills a foreign occupier, then the reason must be that he cannot read and write. The reason must be that they are stupid.
      If country A invades the US, occupies it, and turns the US into a hellhole, then you will not kill any of country A's soldiers, because you know how to read and write?
      You are an imbecile.

  • Lawrence Cutter

    It has long been evident that the cause of the US's downfall would be it's repulsive hubris. Our "mightiest army in the world" finds no need of the vital force multiplier of righteousness. Our officer corps is political and as corrupt as the society that created them. Our troops are a deliberate "refinement" of our nation's brutal racism, and made cowardly by the belief that layers of armor and heavy firepower entitles them to invulnerability as they go about their killing; as the homefront incredibly believes that all their stolen gold entitles them to nothing but worship from the robbed and the survivors of the slaughtered victims.

    Hubris creates stupidity. There is nothing more creative than dedicated human minds devising ways to remove foreign jackboots from the necks of their children. The Iraq resistance refined the tactic of roadside bombs which brought the Imperial rollers to a halt even without an effective strategy. The Afghans have refined a tactic of "fratricide" into a strategy that will destroy their enemy with minimal casualties and to which the Imperial forces have no possible counter that isn't self-destructive.

  • ML3

    "President Obama’s supposed justification for building up Afghan security forces is so they serve as a bulwark against a return to Taliban rule."

    No, it was so come election time 2012 the GOP wouldn't be able to say Obama "cut and run" in Afghanistan. These soldiers were politically expendable.