More Than 30 Kidnapped: Is Syria’s War Spreading to Lebanon?

GCC States Urge Citizens to Leave Lebanon Immediately

There has been some on-and-off violence in Lebanon related to the Syrian Civil War before, but today’s announcement by the Meqdad Clan that they had kidnapped some 30 people they suspected of belonging to the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

The vast majority of the captives were Syrians, but the militia also kidnapped a Saudi Arabian and one Turkish citizen as well. The group’s statement threatened more moves against Saudi, Turkish and Qatari citizens.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, the members of the GCC, have all issued statements urging their citizens to leave Lebanon immediately, saying that threats against them are getting worse.

The GCC and Turkey have been openly backing the FSA in the civil war, while the Meqdad Clan, one of Lebanon’s most powerful Shi’ite families, supports the Assad regime. As the sectarian war in Syria continues to worsen, it is sure to continue fanning the flames of tension on the other side of the border as well.

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