Syrian, Jordanian Troops Clash Along Border

Jordan Troops Hit Border Outposts

Most of the tension in Syria has centered around the northern border with Turkey, but clashes were reported today along the border with Jordan, as forces from the two sides engaged in intermittent gunbattles.

Only one person was reported killed in the clashes, which Jordanian officials say began when Syrian troops fired across the border at fleeing refugees. Jordanian troops attacked a pair of border outposts in retaliation.

There have been previous incidents of Jordanian troops firing at Syrian troops near the border during pursuit missions, but none have been nearly so serious as this, and it threatens to add another front to the ongoing civil war.

Jordan is one of several border nations with Syria inundated with refugees since the fighting began. So far there hasn’t been any indication of serious rebel infiltration from Jordan, with most rebel fighters coming in from Turkey or Lebanon.

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