Three US Troops, One Civilian Killed in Kunar Province Suicide Bombing

Taliban Attackers Targeted Foot Patrol in Asadabad

Three US soldiers and an Afghan civilian were killed today when a pair of suicide bombers attacked a foot patrol near the NATO compound in Asadabad, in the Kunar Province. Three civilians were also wounded.

NATO confirmed the attack earlier this morning, but provided no details about the attack or the nationalities of the victims. It was only later that officials confirmed all the slain troops were American.

Several different reports emerged in the wake of the event, with provincial officials claiming nine civilians were slain and others saying that only one bomber was present. The Taliban, which claimed credit for the attack, says there were two men with suicide vests at the site.

Today’s deaths bring the number of US troops killed so far in 2012 to 216. 65 other NATO troops from other nations have also been slain this year.

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