Syrian Army Raids Last Rebel Holdings Around Damascus

Southern District of Tadamon Targeted

Syria’s Army has reclaimed most of the rebel possessions around the capital city of Damascus, and today has moved against the southern district of Tadamon, the last major rebel-held district in the area.

The reclamation of the capital will be a major feat for the regime, once seen to be on its last legs, but the symbolism may be somewhat tempered by the ongoing battle for the largest city of Aleppo, a battle which neither side seems to be making much headway in.

Rebels claimed that the attack on Tadamon was targeting the civilian population of the district, saying they were conducting house-to-house raids and executing suspected rebel backers. The allegations could not be substantiated, however.

The loss of Damascus will leave the rebels largely expelled from the southern half of the country, though still capable of launching attacks there at any given time. The rebels’ possessions are largely in the north, along the Turkish border.

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