NATO: Afghan Militant Attacks Up 11 Percent

June the Highest Level of Fighting Since 2010

New statistics released by NATO show a dramatic increase in militant attacks in Afghanistan, putting the figure at an 11 percent increase year over year for the past three months, with June showing the highest levels of violence since summer 2010.

The figures also showed an increase in “enemy-initiated attacks” for every single month, putting NATO’s recent claims of progress in the decade-long occupation into serious doubt.

NATO sought to downplay the significance of the increase, saying that “more precise reporting” of attacks against Afghan police might be responsible for a large portion of the increase by itself, with last year’s attacks apparently going unreported.

Despite this dramatic increase in attacks, so far there has not been an increase in coalition death tolls this year, with the number of NATO troops staying roughly flat over the past several months.

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  • Tom Mauel

    As many as four more U.S./ NATO dead reported at icasualties today. That would make 37 U.S. dead for July 2012.

  • RParker

    What happens to US/NATO troops captured by the Taliban or other groups? We never hear anything about that. Do they take no prisoners or are any captured soldiers simply executed on the spot?

    • Tom Mauel

      Most casualties are by IED. Only one U.S. soldier is being held prisoner by the Taliban I believe.

  • But isn't Afghanistan to become another U.S. democracy, much like the one in Iraq?

    Can the Americans get anything right, just once?

    Lennie in 'Of Mice And Men' symbolizes most Americans!