Manning Prosecutors Change Tack Again: Harm ‘Not Relevant’

Just Days Prior They Claimed Proof Manning Knew He Was 'Aiding the Enemy'

Just three days ago the prosecutors in Pfc. Bradley Manning’s case claimed to have “proof” that Manning knowingly “aided the enemy” with his leaks. The allegation spawned more questions about the prosecution citing evidence they haven’t presented in open court, nor shared in discovery.

Today the prosecution seems to be doing a complete 180 on the matter, saying that the question of whether there was any harm done by the leaks is “irrelevant” to the trial and are now seeking to prevent the defense from even bringing the idea up, saying it will “confuse” the jury.

Manning’s defense lawyer, David E. Coombs, has sought to have several of the charges thrown out over lack of evidence that any harm was done by the leaks. This was seemingly one of the centerpieces of the trial, but now it seems the prosecutors want to shift focus entirely.

Experts are saying that the loss of this line of argument could be devastating for Manning’s case, as the argument that no harm was actually done was bound to be a strong argument against several of the most severe charges.

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