Reports of Heavy Fighting in Southern Damascus

Fighting Centers on Rebel-Held Suburbs

Heavy fighting is being reported in southern Damascus today, with rebel factions claiming that it is the result of the regime trying to oust them from suburbs which rebel factions have held for weeks.

Unconfirmed reports have called the fighting the “most intense yet,” but so far only five people have been reported killed and with no independent press on the ground, exactly what is happening at any given time is unclear.

The fog of war has made a number of the stories of major battles and “massacres” in Syria somewhat malleable, and in many cases the high profile claims by rebels turn out to be entirely made up.

The Red Cross says that the fighting nationwide now amounts to an official “civil war,” meaning combatants are subject to the Geneva Conventions. Exactly what this will amount to remains to be seen, as both sides have accused to other of war crimes constantly.

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