Clinton’s Egypt Visit Flops: Talks Fail With Junta, Public

Clinton’s Egypt Visit Flops: Talks Fail With Junta, Public | Christians snub Clinton meeting

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s high profile visit to Egypt was supposed to be a major opportunity to both reconcile with the Egyptian public and to help negotiate some sort of settlement between the junta and President Mursi, setting a precedent for a US role in post-Mubarak Egypt.

It didn’t work out that way. Clinton’s secret talks with Field Marshall Tantawi apparently fell flat, as the junta leader appeared to be taking an even more hostile line toward settling things with Mursi’s FJP, saying he would never allow any one party to dominate the political landscape.

Even the photo-op portion of the visit didn’t work out. Visiting Alexandria to reopen the US Consulate, protesters heckled Clinton, threw tomatoes and shoes at her motorcade, and hit an Egyptian official in the face with one of the tomatoes.

Top Christian groups that were supposed to meet with Clinton later in the evening in Cairo just didn’t show up, saying that they believed the Obama Administration was biased against secular blocs in Egypt and had been backing Islamists at the expense of Egypt’s Christian minority.

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  • Tom Mauel

    Clinton the imperialist finally gets the reception she deserves.

  • mojo

    Hillary Clinton has been the main player from day one when it comes to Libya, Syria and Egypt endorsing the illegitimate sons of Saudis and UAE making sure that anti imperialism and anti feudalism of Saudis and UAE regimes are changed. What was she doing when she visited Egypt last year, what was she doing when people of Qatar started marching against the monarch and then back to Saudi Arabia and then Egypt again, then things started happening. Saudis marched in their tanks against the people of Qatar and things started to happening. So goes for Cameron, the French social democrats Hollandes, the Swedish military involvement in Libya, the Germans involvement in Libya…. and etc. now she is saying that US is not in business choosing a regime over another.., BS, US and EU demanding for regime change in Syria, that means that they have preferences which again is these Saudis barbarians and their illegitimate sons.

    The christians in countries a like , so as all other nationalities in Europe are under scrutiny by nationalist and growing neo fascism in EU and Israel and they have all the rights not wanting to meet with the main personality who is involved in creating all this new mess, I mean com on people vote to sack her from her office before is to late, so goes for Barack Hussein Obama. Let a dissent man as Ron Paul to lead the country for a change, let a man or a women who wants to work for people in and get these elements of destructions and a non democratic party out of power, Obama is just another president who wanted to have a war under his name, Hillary is his creator doing it for him.

  • Andron

    What now ? Brown Cow.
    Cut off military aid to the Egypt Army !
    Me thinks not
    Clinton and Obama will now back the Army to kill Egyptians and sow chaos to benefit Isreal

  • Amir Goy

    Gee, you'd think the astute Amerikan citizenry would be just as perceptive…

    • Ted

      The sad thing is when I see the clueless 'progressives' who think Shrillary is a great force for peace and liberal change in the world. To me, she sounds exactly like Condi Rice, with the only 'change' we got being the hairdo.

  • jsinton

    If I want "fair and balanced" reporting, I visit Fox Nation.

  • omop

    Now Ms. Hillary has the distinction of being the number 2 American who has had "shoes" thrown at them. If clearer heads in American foreign policies especially in the Arab/Islamic world do not improve [ a decade of killing Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, etc.] our meddling in Egypt could up in having another Syria.

  • Jaime

    America's hands are the antipodes of the Midas touch. Anything they touch, it ends badly. Wherever the US goes, suffering, destruction, war, and invasions ensue.

  • persnipoles

    It's really sad to see tomatoes treated that way.

  • pendulum

    nearly split a gut when I saw a report of Egyptians shouting "Monica, Monica, Monica at Shrillery these dudes have a great sense of humor

  • mojo

    It seams that even Hugo Chavez of Venezuela calling Obama a “good guy” for no reason or not known reason at all. Look Mr. Chavez, it seams that lately you have been eating to much Socialist pills of all kind, while at it, you also supporting the religious movements in the middle east as part of “democracy” while you know that your cooperation is only about the economic cooperation between your socialism, the EU social democrats and parliamentarians in England.

    So why don't you call the Saudis or for that matter their barbarians part of the "movement of people democracy” in middle east, like in Libya. After all this is what US at this time is supporting, wanting regime change all over the world, preparing for war with Iran and rest of the world, while in your “good guy” mood get in touch with Hillary Clinton and make up, become a “good" friend with her too, after all she is the one programing all this making sure that Syrian people are suffered as Iraqis and you know it.

  • richard vajs

    G W Bush gets shoes thrown at him in Iraq, Hillary Clinton gets tomatoes thrown at her in Egypt and years ago Nixon was spat upon during a trip to Latin America – Gee, we should outsource our elections to voters overseas, those people are better judges of character than we obviously are.

    • Jaime

      He was spat at at San Marcos University in Lima, Peru

  • Mel

    Quick, can anyone tell any difference between SOS Hillary and Condi Rice?

    Someone should build a statue to the brave tomatoes that gave their lives for a good cause when this is all done and freedom reigns. And I love the Monica chant.

    The US military owns the Egyptian military, and has since they took over from the Soviets after Camp David. Having the Egyptian military take over Egypt after Mubarak got his strings cut was always the US making sure they kept control over Egypt.. And where the US rules, freedom and democracy are always under the gun from troops and secret police and their torturers.

    Don't know what happened in public, but in private with the Generals I'm sure the point was being delivered by SOS Hillary that she expected the Generals to keep control no matter what the cost or the means. And I'd imagine she made the point that if they couldn't do the job then they could end up like Mubarak and the US would find someone else who could do the job.

  • CanuckBC

    Why. I think this is exactly the result Clinton wanted. This is a "Velvet coup d'état", which is as much an oxymoron as the original "Velvet Revolution" was. Let us call a spade a spade. This is Israel-US directed bloodless putsch. It was almost perfect. But, it was a putsch!

    First El Presidento Mubarak ceding power to military. How military could stay so clean – so clean as to be a guarantor of revolution? In "Velvet revolution" it were few untainted communists who were supposed to fell a communism. It is only and clearly by undemocratic medling of outside force to change the outcome of the revolution.

    Military as a power tool of establishment is required by shear definition to act if establishment is under attack. Unless, of course, if military is not an establishment as it was case in Egypt. And still is! Have you ever heard that Secretary of the Empire would talk to people from other countries who are not on her own level at least? I have not! Unless it is an command from her higher ups. Have you ever heard the US not threatening economic sanctions on the country who is not complying? Have you ever heard the US would not stop actually paying the blood money to disobeying entities, except of course Israel? You see and this time Hillary Clinton had no problems to stay quiet as money was going to Tantawi. She has no problem to bow deeply in front of Tantawi, she has no problem to hear about Monica from people she does not consider even human?

    No incoming drone attacs in Egypt? Well, you cannot kill everybody who hates you. It is "not hating and attacking Israel which matters.