Annan Seeks Iran Backing to Solve Syria Crisis

Iran Pushes for Free Syrian Election by 2014

With Western nations mostly looking for ways to insinuate themselves into the growing Syrian Civil War, UN special envoy for Syria Kofi Annan is pushing for Iran to help him come up with some sort of peace plan.

Annan has been trying to get Iran involved for awhile, with the US and other NATO members angrily condemning any efforts to recruit Iran into meetings to negotiate on general principle.

But Iran seems to be approaching the matter with more seriousness than we’ve seen out of a lot of countries, and said that while they support Assad they want free elections in Syria with an eye toward replacing him “by 2014.”

So far there’s been no reaction either from the Assad regime or from the rebels, but neither side seems particularly open to a negotiated settlement, and letting the people decide is likely an alien concept to both blocs, which would prefer to impose their own position militarily and then call that the “will of the people.”

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  • Ben_C

    This is getting absurd now…

    1. The 2014 'Presidential Election' date was the date established by the Assad regime over half a year ago. There have already been "Parliamentary" 'elections' held–with opposition parties allowed to run, who won seats, and are currently in the Parliament. There is no "change" here, and this is certainly not "news"…much less a 'surprise'… or shouldn't be…

    Need a source for this? You can watch this interview good ole Barbra Walters from the US of A 'ABC news' which aired on December 7th, 2011 and/or read the transcript:

    Walters: If you have elections, will they be elections for president?

    Assad: No, no, we are going to have first of all the local administration election this month…

    Walters: Local administration, but what about the president?

    Assad: Yeah, after that, we are going to have the parliamentarian election, which is the most important. Talking about presidential election, it's going to be in 2014, this is the…

    This is about midway down Page 1 of the transcript–published December 7th, 2011:

    If you watch the video, this part you can clearly hear the 2014 'Presidential election date' mentioned, and seemingly determined by the Assad regime at the 4:00 mark in this video:

    Again…this aired in the US–in the lame-stream in the United States of America (Barbra Walters the 'interviewer'…on 'Nightline'…on 'ABC NEWS' no less–over 7 months ago…and everyone in the lame-stream, and even here, seemed to 'forget' about this….or 'didn't get the memo' in the first place????

    How/why would anyone need to wait for "reaction…from the Assad regime" if this was seemingly established, and announced well over 7 months ago??? How is this a surprise? Again…the "Local Elections" mentioned and promised have already taken place… The "Parliamentary Elections" mentioned and promised have already taken place…why would we not expect the 2014 "presidential elections" to move forward? Is all of this 'news' to people?

    Additionally, Iran supporting a date established by the Assad regime does not surprise me, and is nothing new.

    Moreover, Iran never claimed they look to "replace" Assad–this is completely invented–as the source in the artlce here doesn't seem to even say this… I believe Assad intends to be on the "ballot" (whatever that means…not quite sure at this point..but I'm guessing it will be the "Head of State position)…which "Iran" supports…as they always have…as "Iran" wanting to "replace" Assad, particularly now, would be completely illogical for several (which I consider extremely obvious) reasons…but I will not get into that now…


    These aren't even the "invented" 'facts' by the lame-stream at this point…

    And…'everyone' seemed to "forget" (I'm using this term extremely 'loosely' here) about this (except a small minority of people like me–and these types of things are not even my actual job to keep track of)–and I've known this for quite some time now (months)–which didn't even require a whole lot of 'research'…as it was on Nightline and all…and all of a sudden everyone 'forgot' and it's somehow now a 'critical negotiating point people are holding their breath over'????


    • John V. Wa

      Great comment. The air is thick with US propaganda on Syria.
      It is easy to get confused and it takes a lot of skepticism to avoid being taken in.

  • John V. Walsh

    Great comment.

  • ML3

    The racist, anti-Iran propaganda is just astonishing.
    And why would they want to help? They know the West will just piss and moan, threaten them too, and once the Syrian obstacle is out of the way, go to war on them for one phony reason or another. Let the instigators in Western Europe and the Gulf Dictatorships who are more concerned with war and blood and destabilization campaigns than their own suffering populations, figure out a peaceful solution.
    The West's duplicity and terrorism, the endless greed of the Nazi elites, the will to ssacrifice thousands or millions for their own profit, knows no bounds.

  • popsiq

    The 'friends of Libya' are busy putting their words into the mouths of those who aren't part of the 'friends of Syria' club. They tried this before Annan's last meeting by reporting the Russians to be 'on side' with his 'agreement' sith the US position that Assad's departure was the only acceptable outcome.
    Too bad that tale wagged no dog. But were they embarrassed to get caught lying? No. In true Goebbelian style they create a bigger one.

  • mojo

    The only ones that could and are able to solve the problem is the people of middle east. If west was ever to understand or Interested or wanted to act seriously – vigorously they should have started with correcting their abused child Israel.