‘Unity Talks’ Widen Rift Among Syrian Rebels

‘Unity Talks’ Widen Rift Among Syrian Rebels | Some factions blast Cairo meet as ‘conspiracy’

A high profile meeting in Cairo was intended to bring Syria’s myriad opposition and rebel groups under a unified leadership to govern the country during a “transitional” phase following their ouster of the current regime. Instead, the meeting is reflecting and even widening the rifts that exist among the groups.

No agreement was made among the 250 participants in the conference, as the various groups couldn’t agree on whether or not to impose a Sunni theocracy on the nation or whether to back a foreign occupation.

Some factions within the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which was itself spearheading the conference, refused to take part, with Col. Saadeddine, a top FSA spokesman saying it played into Russia’s hand, while others said it was a “conspiracy.”

The inability of the rebels to reach any consensus will further complicate the Geneva Action Group for Syria’s plan, which rested on the assumption of two-party talks between rebels and regime and an unconditional ceasefire. Some rebel blocks have expressed support for this idea, while others have condemned the idea of negotiations on general principle.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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  • 08oo

    May be USA and the Saudis have no total control over all of their rebel groups, but this headline there would be no unity just serves to create the illusion there would be independent rebels and covers that Syria is just one of the many countries of the war plan against former soviet client states.

    US General Wesley Clark reports from US government plan to "take down 7 countries in 5 years " and the time window of 5-10- or more years "for war against former soviet client states" in the middle est and North-Africa: <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DJ–Z3lvaQ” target=”_blank”>www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DJ–Z3lvaQ
    more detailed:

    another voice:watch?v=adG7VsrwFRA

    • 08oo

      These two major aims in this disagreements between rebels uncovers what this war is really about:

      not to reach democracy and liberation in Syria, but "impose a Sunni theocracy on the nation"
      not a Syrian business but "a foreign occupation"

    • Guest

      Thank You Very Much O800 for posting these videos of Gen, Clark, which I had thoroughly forgotten about although I had seen them shortly after they were released…What is taking place in Syria is a part of a much-worked on Plan, it is NOT Random and Spontaneous, no matter how the Corporate Medias are trying to spin it! And Israel is very much Aware of and Enforcing these Goals… Divide and Conquer, Keep your Enemies in a State of Flux as you Maneuverer Controls on ALL Levels…

  • Charles

    “…following their ouster of the current regime.”

    Wishful thinking.

  • mojo

    As much as these “rebels” are united shows that how much support among the Syrian people they have, we are saying again, Iran, these “rebels” are nothing but the minority of some street intellectuals and some bandits and barbarians supported by Saudis, Turkish government, Jordanians and UAE.

    Syria, Iran and Iraq are getting closer, cooperating in terms of economic, cultural and military for some times now. In the eyes of US and NATO there shouldn't be such cooperation in middle east nor for that matter anywhere, such cooperation can become to big for US and NATO to handle, it will unite people and thats the danger to US and NATO interests. Now, in the eyes of Saudis the entire regions needs to be under the control of Sunny muslims and Saudis pay these people a salary to fight not to agree on crucial issues nor to be united, for Saudis and UAE and others, such unity is also a big issue to deal with, it is also a danger to their existence.., so all that talks about democracy and other nonsense that US and EU is talking about comes to one thing.., and that is US and EU wanting to keep their monopoly in the region, even if this going to create more hardship for people in northern part of Persian Gulf.

  • Winston_Smith3

    The practice of the Empire in these Destabilisations and Coloured Revolutions is to play off different incompatible groups who they have created and organised in Front Organisations, even though they are completely incompatible, because it is essential for American intelligence serviices and their allies to organise such a coalition so the Destabilisation can succeed
    But here there are two mega-compatabilities.
    The Sunni Jihadist fundmentalist, who are violently antagonistic to other branches of Islam including other Sunnis. and wish to create a fundamentalist Emirate, which incidentally will also incoporate all of Palestine and Israel
    The enducated middle classes and educated women are described as "terrified"
    Meanwhile there is the Coloured Revolution young and midlle class "activists" who are educated and want a Western style democracy and liberal state because it meets their aspirations and because they attended the NED and CNVC training sessions and conferences at the American taxpayers' expense.
    The Coloured Revolution recruits who are Useful Idiots (technical term of Washington policymakers) who are naive and are shocked.

  • Winston_Smith3

    "but this headline there would be no unity just serves to create the illusion there would be independent rebels and covers that Syria is just one of the many countries of the war plan."

    As said it doesn't matter – it merely creates the illusion of the "independence" and himegrown nature of the movement and is actually in the interests of the Empire.

  • keltrava

    All the foot soldiers in the American Congress and EU thought the order from Israel was to support the uprising. Now some from the Israeli think tanks are worried about the makeup of the Syrian opposition. Pity the dronelike creatures in Congress the confusion is just too much for them or more correctly their minuscile brains.

  • John Ellis

    Killing high on the hog

    Reports are that these 250 government terrorizers are living it up in world-class hotels and five star restaurants, which would explain why they refuse to discuss peace while the wine bubbles sparkle. A once in a lifetime experience for these hired mercenaries who would otherwise be planting bombs and wasting babies, what with the finest Champaign being poured from $200 a bottle vintage.

  • Government in a box — Have AK47 will travel

    A worst-case condition for forming a peaceful and law abiding democracy, 250 cut-throat killers, nothing more than mercenaries working for the highest bidder