Clinton: Iran Wants to Be Attacked

Clinton: Iran Wants to Be Attacked | Warns not ‘stopping’ Iran could lead to ‘unforeseen consequences’

Speaking today in an interview with Charlie Rose, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that Iran secretly really wants to be attacked by the US because it “would unify the Iranian public and legitimize the Islamic regime.”

Clinton’s argument, such as it is, came just days after the end of the latest round of negotiations with Iran, following Israeli demands for the US to be more “explicit” in its threats to attack Iran.

Interestingly enough, Clinton’s belief that Iran “wants” the attack and that it would benefit them did not stop her from continuing on in detail about the importance of “stopping” Iran within the next year or so, by diplomacy or with an attack.

Indeed, Clinton seemed to warn against the idea of not attacking Iran, cautioning that a war would be “not only about Iran” but about avoiding “unforeseen consequences” that could erupt from the lack of a new US war.

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  • jinx77

    how on earth did people like her and most of this congress ever ever get into positions of power….

    we Americans have got to be the stupidest humans on earth

    • Nathan

      Stupidity is lack of intelligence; ignorance is lack of knowledge.

      Americans are not stupid; they have been kept ignorant by the government. Your elections are sham; the two party system is a form of dictatorship, like giving people a choice to choose the king or the queen.

    • klyde

      You need only look at what has happened to the US education system since 1959 for your answer.

  • mojo

    Ohh yehhh sure, Like Russian and China wants to be attacked by the US and NATO, they asking for it, as a matter of fact they demand for US and NATO to attack them, or better yet the entire world wants to be attacked by US and NATO, they are waiting for the third world war, the destruction of the world, billions of people around the world loves to see that happens, not that you or James A Baker care Hillary Clinton.

    I mean are you and Jams Baker, the new comer to the scenic views of world political agendas conducted by Charley Rose where US and NATO wanting to become the world dominated economy by having a war or two here or there, although its sounds bizarre but it seams that Hillary Clinton needs all the help that she can get knowing that she have failed her mission.

    Yet Clinton responsibility here is about injecting the capitalism agendas to the world as the only method that exist when it come to social economic democracy and justice. On that show Hillary Clinton said that democracy is about everything and anyone, that is true, democracy is a matter that responds in universal terms based on economic and social justice, yet that doesn’t means that you can throw all kind of junk at democracy expecting it to function. Like what US and NATO are doing, regarding Syria, supporting the Saudis tyrants and their agendas, which is the cleansing of Shiites from entire region, the progressive and legitimate governments in Libya, Syria and more, establishing a Sunny majority, is the matter of throwing that junks by dividing people expecting for democracy to function, supporting these tyrants supported terrorism is the junk yet wanting for democracy to function, sending your mercenaries into legitimate and sovereign countries killing and dividing people is that junk yet expecting for democracy to function.

    These kind of political maneuverings are based on directed, implemented, orchestrated, manufactured democracy and that is why there is no democracy no matter what US is doing in Afghanistan nor is in Iraq or other countries where US is involved, perhaps that is one of the reason for US being at war for last 60 years, yet not getting what US wants, which is the world economic and political domination. So what do you expect for people and sovereign government to do, play dead because you say so.

    The list of US and NATO junks is long, very long, which is the reason for democracy not functioning at home, you want democracy.., democracy starts at home, take care of millions of homeless people to start with, cut on state department mercenaries, take care of overgrowing poverty in USA, and that goes for David Cameron in England as well, you want democracy reduce the war machinery budget into half from what it is, then you would have enough to pay for healthcare, stop hallucinating about the world domination, world has changed and US with Jams A Baker needs to change with it.

  • Borman

    Poor Goebles , he is a real amatheur compared to his followers .
    Iran does not want to be attacked, the NAZI governments want to atack it.

  • Nathan

    Who in the world would believe her. Her earlier statement about Russia sending helicopters to Syria was proved to be a lie.

  • byrd_bahls22

    Ye olde battle axe is due for another flying leap.

  • sherban

    "that a war would be “not only about Iran” but about avoiding “unforeseen consequences” that could erupt from the lack of a new US war."Until now we are told that a war because Iran with nuclear technology would have disastrous consequences which are marked by visionary prophets like Bibi,Shimon Peres and AIPAC but now we are told that the war should be made even for "unseen consequences".If the consequences seen by Bibi and his gang were given to contradict what could someone argues against "unseen consequences"?nothing so the war is necessary according with this twisted logic.

  • Eddie

    Iran should shove a nuke up her ass.. If only to shut her up.

    • MoT

      Seeing as that's where all the talk comes from I'd say you're right.

  • Amir Goy

    This cow can be most charitably described as barking mad, and is thus far more suitable for a locked down padded room somewhere than any place at all on the world stage.

  • El Tonno

    Is this like rapists claiming that "she wanted it"?

    • donna

      Exactly! And a big F-U to all the so-called feminists who voted for Clinton. Once again we see the folly and ignorance of blindly voting for someone because of a biological charistic. Clinton is just another one of the sexist pigs that pollute Washington politics.

  • Dave Spart

    This psycopath should be locked up. In fact that appears to be a national disease, the US is awash with psycopaths – politicians, businessmen, mainstream journalists, military, Christian Taliban, you name it, they're all psycopaths

  • Augustbrhm

    What a jackass it is entirely out of her and obama`s hands they dont dare or they israel and most of the gulf states whom they support will be finished Iran is not "Iraq" with the war crimes both the US/britain committed.All of america`s "presidents' were and always be "WARCRIMINALS"

  • Yonatan

    So, logically, if the Iranian regime wants the US to attack Iran in order for the Iranian regime to become stronger, the last thing the US should do is attack Iran. That would ensure the regime does not become stronger and ma be replaced by the Iranians themselves.

    Methinks the Harpie hasn't thought this through.

  • peter vojta

    Horrible times we live in. Hitlary Clinton can be easily compared to Goebles during WW2. Rubbish comming out of her mouth and "obedience " to Satanic Zionist strategy against freedom" in last lands refusing US/Israel dictate /internacional zionism/ demonstrate "unbelivable level of arrogance and deception" we find only from Israels colonist regime….Now, this "duo" – real "Axis of Evil" – US and Israel can plunge the whole world into WW3 at any moment…..

  • Peacegeek

    Clinton's remonstrations should not be totally discounted even though she has announced her resignation. She may well be replaced by Susan Rice or (less likely) Samantha Powers, either of whom could well drive US foreign policy over the cliff of war with Iran. Powers was identified as the architect of the US war in Libya. Rice has adhered to every diktat from the Israel Lobby. Sad to say, but US foreign policy in the Middle East is still being driven by the Tea Party government led by Binyamin Netanyahu.

  • Roger Lafontaine

    … and the Obama administration wants to attack Iran because it would legitimize it in the eyes of AIPAC and the Jewish lobbies. There's some truth in that too, we could go on all day speaking like this but it's nonsense.

  • peter vojta

    Hillary or Goebles? No difference….

  • Rich

    Please come in and blow us to smithereens? Does this lunatic actually believe what she says?

    • MoT

      I'd say that's a big 10-4 good buddy.

  • zioctopus

    You know, the notion the media presents of Hillary Clinton being some
    intelligent, accomplished, savvy leader really has to stop. She's nice
    in person, I've met her in an informal setting. But there is no way she
    should be Sec of State, let alone a candidate for President. Statements
    such as this display the level at which her mind has been compromised
    by the New World Order groups. She really believes this. It is sad.

    • MoT

      Well, even a polite lunatic is still CRAZY.

  • The leadership of this country resembles more every day an ugly mix of Nazis and Stalinists.

  • pendulum

    she should really change her depens and get new batteries

  • John_Muhammad

    Let's look at this from a different perspective, though- we know Hillary is a raving lunatic, but underneath her bluster we may be seeing a tidal change in US policy. She is saying that Iran wants to be attacked 'so it would solidify the regime' and all that- but at the same time the implication is that the US recognizes the dangers of such an attack in terms of long-term consequences. This is completely at odds with Israel's demands, who I'm sure would be more than happy to see Iran obliterated yesterday, if not sooner. Perhaps a few in the US are finally having their voices heard and the drive to war is being blunted at some level.

    Of course, I may be reading far too much into this and am way off the mark.

  • patriothere

    Somebody needs to deal with this stupid broad. She is a cancer, a poison. I mean America infects THEIR computers and she has nerve to say IRAN wants to be attacked. No you stupid twit, YOU want to be attacked. You want you country to be attacked so you can appease you zionist masters in Israel. Netanyahu is the one that pulls the strings of the USA. he is the one that single handedly controls the US. Everything he says clinton reiterates. She is a puppet of Netanyahu.

    We're all gonna be destroyed because of these zionist jews. We need to do something. We need to have a revolution in the united states, sack all zionist influence in America and then invade and occupy israel neutralizing it as a threat to humanity.

    • Spoken like a paid troll representing Iranian interests.

      Are you still paid to be here?

      • patriothere

        never was never will be. Unlike you. Which is what I was saying all along. And look who's trolling.

        • Of course you are, you admitted it.

          6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
          "I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out."

          Why not be proud of it, it would make you a legend in some circles.

  • Maat433

    I'm really wondering if Israel is being used again as scapegoats in the same way they have been historically? It's amazing that so many people come to the conclusion that Israel is pulling strings as opposed to the US govt being in full control and blithely allowing ingrained anti-semitism to deduce the opposite? International Jewry was given a homeland in the middle of what had to be recognized as a hornet's nest. Besides that, I agree with others that the bitch is crazy.

  • faustus46

    une mal baisé, et voilà! this vile harpie is a festering cancer and needs to be irradiated off the face of an otherwise idyllic planet……along with BHO and a raft of like minded corporate MIC shills! Cheeses K. Riced, gawrd awrl-mighty+Crikey on a crutch. Put a wet rag in her mouth, ASAP 'nuff sed. Tanks bra'!

  • ML3

    bloated windbag terrorist cow…ashamed to call you and me American

  • mojo

    Hillary Clinton is not employed by the US government, she is working for Saudis and UAE, Israel apartheid regimes, the NATO militarism regimes and US capitalism elite, those who runs the white house and the senate. Among them is James A Baker, whom have come to rescue Hillary because her plan didn't went through, She and her NATO friends as the Danish fascist Rasmussen with the Swedish Neo Fascism only and partially succeed in Libya, after Libya test of the plan was about Syria and the Iranian government to fall., Her and Obama plan was to divide nations as much as possible in the middle east, yet the Syrian Iranian and Iraqis are more determent by her politics then ever before. This is the US and NATO democracy, a kind of democracy that US economic system as vulture capitalism is all about.